4”x7” leg rest
4”x7” leg rest w/belt clip
Leg rest kit, 2”,3”,4”,7” struts w/beltclip
Leg rest possibilities
Leg rests- smallest to largest
Belt clip attachment (note perferated side)
Leg rest-bowl/inverted
4”x7” leg rest-bowl

Special order struts 12”, 10”, 8”

4”x7” leg rest-different angle attitudes
As shown in this diagram, the belt clip provides total security keeping the guitar in place.
When using the belt clip the guitar is secure enough that you could stand up, although this position is not recommended.
Using the leg rest for lower positions
Using the leg rest for higher positions
The leg rest can even be positioned to play
the guitar in a cello-like position.
Tilt adjustability (forward) of the leg rest.
For those with bad backs, one might lean back in a chair for greater comfort. Note: use the belt clip
for secure positioning
so the guitar does not slip away.
Swivel adjustment allowing right and left positioning.
Belt clip attached to
belt loop and Leg Rest
3" x 4" leg rest
with belt clip attachment
2" x 4" Leg Rest